Echoing Hills Respite Program

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A Place for Support

During the spring, winter and fall, when Camp Echoing Hills isn’t welcoming campers every week, we arrange for monthly respite weekends. One of the best parts about coming to Camp is the break that everyone, both campers and caregivers, get from their every day lives. Respite weekends provide a shorter version of camp. With the same caring staff and safe accessible campus, our respite weekends are a fun break for everyone involved.

Respite weekends offer a break for families and caregivers of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Weekends are filled with activities and games designed to build self-esteem and promote individual growth. Campers leave with a new sense of confidence, great memories and new friends, while reuniting with families who are rejuvenated and well-rested.

Respite Schedule 2019-2020

September 27-29 (Adults)
October 11-13 (Adults)
November 15-17 (Kids and Teens)

February 21-23 (Adults)
March 13-15 (Kids and Teens)
April 17-19 (Adults

Cost – $370.05 (Separate fee for outside activities)
Contact Emily Smith 740.327.0300 option 3

To access the respite application Click Here.

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Check out our photo gallery to see how our residential opportunities provides people with special needs a safe, loving, and dignified home environment.

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