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Let me tell you about Corey…

Corey lives in a beautiful six-bedroom home at Echoing Hills in Northeast Ohio with five other friends. I had the privilege and opportunity to get to know him better one afternoon. With this great big smile, he started telling me about working at the local donut shop, and how his day was ‘perfect.’ Even though Corey’s disability requires him to use a wheelchair, everything about that day was perfect for him. He does not let his disability define him. Corey sees all the good – his job, his girlfriend, participating in dinner preparation. Really, he simply celebrates his life.

Everything about Corey intrigues me, so I decided I wanted to know more about his work life. How his everyday life is changed because of work, and how his future is shaped by the income he receives.

Hopes, dreams and the everyday stuff – a continuation of Corey’s story. He shares…
I work at Peace, Love and Little Donuts every Thursday where I wipe down all the tables and chairs. The other four days of the week, I attend echoingCONNECTIONS of Northeast Ohio. Sometimes I stuff envelopes for local businesses when that work is available. When I asked Corey what he liked most about his job, he quickly said…my job. He likes everything about it. I asked if there was anything he really disliked and he said no – without hesitation. He followed up by saying that of all the work he does, he likes the donut shop the best. Who wouldn’t!?

I asked Corey what he does with the money he earns. His answer made me realize he is a giving person. He likes to take his girlfriend out and host parties for his housemates. However, there is also the part of Corey that saves to reach goals, like a trip to Florida to visit his brother. I asked him about future goals, beyond his Florida trip and he said to continue hosting parties for others and to plan more outings to the movies. Simple goals, the ones that make him the happiest. Echoing Hills helped Corey establish a stable account where he can deposit his savings and work toward fulfilling his goals and dreams for the future.

Corey keeps it simple. Not just in the way he spends his money, but also in the way he lives his life – happy and content in what he does, whom he is with, and how he spends his time. There is so much we could all learn from Corey through his outlook on life and his kind-loving heart.

Echoing Hills strives to provide not only a safe and comfortable home for individuals like Corey but also a supportive environment where individuals can practice self-advocacy and personal growth.

Love. Learn. Worship.

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