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Joining roots – sustaining strength!

I would like to thank each of you for everything you are doing to ensure the safety and good health of all individuals at Echoing Hills. From our team members who are going above and beyond to family members who are respectfully following all guidelines, and the greater community who are praying and routinely asking how you can help, it takes each one of us – the team of Echoing Hills!

Through the storms of life, it takes each of us coming together to really strengthen one another.

This makes me think of the incredible Redwood Tree. Did you know the average redwood tree is 275 feet tall, nearly 38 feet in diameter and weighs 2.7 million pounds? That makes it about as tall as a 26 story building, wider than a New York City street and weighing more than 100 elephants. One tree – can you imagine?!

But what I find even more fascinating is that their roots only grow 5 to 6 feet deep. How does such shallow roots hold these massive trees in place? The trees grow in grooves, and the roots spread out over 100 feet in both directions intertwining with the other trees’ roots.

The beauty of these trees is that they stabilize each other by intertwining their roots with other nearby trees. They truly are a team, and literally need each other for survival. It is the intertwining of their roots that enables them to remain stable – together – during the storms. Just like us!

I’m thankful and proud to say all of us at Echoing Hills stands strong and tall – together! Thank you for everything you are doing!

Love. Learn. Worship.

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