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Empathy ~ Advocate ~ Listen ~ Be Kind ~ Be Patient!

Getting around in a wheelchair can be a challenge. An uneven or cracked and crooked sidewalk might be an inconvenience for some, but for those in a wheelchair, it means the journey stops, or the wheelchair could tip over. What is the community doing to fix things like sidewalks, transportation, buildings?

Bullying is a topic well known in our society. Many children are bullied in school. Some adults are bullied in the workplace. What does bullying look like in the world of disabilities?

Do people see you as a person? Some children and even young adults feel like they are not seen or heard. That can be frustrating, but imagine how hard it is for someone with a disability. Maybe the person with the disability has a hard time vocalizing and struggles to be heard and seen…what can we do to help?

Are you constantly getting into your car to leave and forgetting something? You have to run back into the house, grab the forgotten item, and rush back to your car…then you are running late. How does that inconvenience stack up against the daily routines of someone with a disability? Requiring help with a morning shower, help to get dressed, help to get breakfast or pack a lunch for school or work…it all takes time. Sometimes lots of time. How can we view our small inconveniences in a different light and how can we have more consideration of those with disabilities by recognizing how different their lives are.

Now it is time to take all you have learned and put it into ACTION!

Love. Learn. Worship.

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