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Be Still

Have you counted your blessings today? Have you gotten lost in a good book? Have you taken a drive on a few country roads to see the tiniest of heads popping up from the earth…spring is not far away. There is such amazing goodness all around us. The robins have returned. Daffodils and crocuses are painting the brown canvas with beautiful yellows and purples. Have you noticed the buds marching forth on the ends of tree branches? Peepers are chirping in shallow pools of water along the roadways. Signs of hope and rebirth are everywhere, are you looking for them? We have had an overdose of information lately, obviously, information we need, but it is everywhere and sometimes our emotional well-being can be shaken to the core. So, here’s what you do…look for the beauty, shut off the news, read a good book, go for a walk and during that time, talk to God. Do you know he is a good father? He wants to know what concerns you. He wants to know what is troubling your heart, but most of all he wants to hear from you. Just like an earthly parent, God is concerned about you and wants what is best in your life.

Did I mention a positive attitude? The bible instructs us to be positive…no doubt about it. Ever wonder why? This world is no surprise to God. Yes, he created it…but he created it for good, not for the sin that is playing out right before our eyes. However, he does not leave us unarmed; he provides shelters in the times of storms. If you are looking for a building or cave, then you are looking for the wrong kind of shelter. Our shelter is in His Word! I guarantee time spent reading the scriptures will provide you shelter for every day and everything! For quick reference, he is a link to some great, uplifting scriptures!

I hope this day finds you counting your blessings, raising hallelujahs, remembering to climb into the lifeboat when the waves become too high and winds too strong. Remember, Jesus whispered, “Peace be still.” Whisper today…peace be still!

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