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Equal treatment…please just see me as me!

Today we are sharing stories from Disability Rights Ohio. Many good stories about inclusion, community impact, acceptance, communication and equal treatment. We hope you enjoy these amazing people as much as we did.

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Empathy ~ Advocate ~ Listen ~ Be Kind ~ Be Patient!

Getting around in a wheelchair can be a challenge. An uneven or cracked and crooked sidewalk might be an inconvenience for some, but for those in a wheelchair, it means the journey stops, or the wheelchair could tip over. What is the community doing to fix things like sidewalks, transportation, buildings? Bullying is a […]

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COVID-19 Visitation update

7.14.2020 Dear Echoing Hills Stakeholders, At Echoing Hills, the well-being and safety of the individuals we serve and our staff is our number one priority. While there is still much uncertainty about COVID-19, we understand that it is most easily spread from person-to-person via respiratory droplets among close contacts. With the influx in cases across […]

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A Place of Her Own!

As we grow from little up, we are always moving toward becoming independent. From feeding ourselves, putting on our shoes, learning to walk without help from anyone, and then into our teen years and young adulthood, we want one thing…to do it ourselves. A part of that independence we all desire is having our own […]

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The effects of DSP turnover

Direct Support Professional shortages and turnover are challenges that have been ongoing for a few years and directly affect not only businesses but most importantly, it impacts the lives of the people served. New DSPs must learn not only the dynamics of their job but the needs and personalities of each person they serve. It […]

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Spirituality – A life well-lived

I’m dying to go there, I almost died laughing, I’m dying to know, I was scared to death, she looked like death warmed over…we talk a lot about death in a very casual manner when we use these slang expressions to describe how something made us feel or think. Truth is death is all part […]

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Exercise and Activities for Everyone!

Staying active and getting regular exercise is good for the body and the soul! Check out this great article about how exercise changes our bodies and our minds! Creating the habit of becoming more physically and emotionally fit is a huge benefit to everyday living! Did you know there’s a financial benefit to exercising? […]

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Let’s be social…the benefits of together!

God created us for relationships…with him and with others. Lockdown/Shutdown is difficult for all of us and that includes our friends with disabilities. The digital world has made it easier for us to be together when keeping our distance is of importance. For now, we get together the best ways possible, but one day soon, […]

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