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At Camp Echoing Hills we create fun and engaging opportunities for individuals with special needs to know and experience Jesus. We provide a community of acceptance and growth that empowers individuals to live purposeful and meaningful lives.

Camp Echoing Hills

Creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Camp

Camp Echoing Hills provides a fully-accessible environment and programs tailored to meet the needs of campers of all ages, interests, and abilities. Whether it’s splashing at the Aquatic Center, racing around a go-kart track, conquering a low-ropes course or sitting around a campfire, campers come from all over Ohio and the country to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Additional Programs

At Camp Echoing Hills, summer camp is just a small part of what we do. After attending a week of summer camp, there are more ways to get involved.

Respite Program

Our respite programs offer a break from care-giving to families of those with special needs. Weekends are filled with activities and games designed to build self-esteem and promote individual growth.

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Travel Program

Our travel program offers those with special needs the opportunity of a lifetime—to explore and experience the splendor of God’s creation in ways that could only be imagined before.

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Lauren Unger, Camp Administrator
Phone:  800.419.6513

Success Story: Michael

…During a time of my life when I thought I myself had nothing much left to give I found myself in a weird and most grace-filled property where weak and unattractive people were strong and beautiful, a real community of fully capable men, women, and children- camper, staff, volunteers alike each giving and receiving as much as one was able…

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Photo Gallery

Check out our photo gallery to see how our residential opportunities provides people with special needs a safe, loving, and dignified home environment.

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