We think of our clients as family. Our staff members are passionate about making a difference and fulfilling our mission. Our staff embodies our core values while meeting the individual needs of each of our clients on a daily basis.

Ron Hammond

Ron Hammond has been working at Echoing Hills since January 2008. In his position as the Vice President of Human Resources, he is responsible for overseeing and directing all human resource functions for Echoing Hills. This includes recruitment and retention of employees, employee relations, administering benefits and wages, training and development of staff, and HR compliance. He has five direct reports who help him manage the different Echoing Hills campuses all over the State of Ohio.

The future of human resources at Echoing Hills is looking bright, Ron reports. Improvements in the recruitment and on-boarding processes and trainings for staff and management are on the horizon, waiting to be implemented. As we look toward the future, there are some challenges including increased legislation and compliance, escalating benefit costs and staffing shortages in direct care positions.

But it’s not the bright future or the challenges that are waiting to be overcome that makes Ron come to work every day. It’s the Ministry and the people we serve. Ron says that he comes to work to help this ministry in any way he can. He wants to make sure that the people God has entrusted us with are served in the best way possible. He enjoys getting out of the building when he can, visiting our regions to see employees and the individuals we serve. He wishes he could do it more often.

When he’s not working at Echoing Hills, Ron stays busy. In addition to sitting on 3 statewide committees, HR Committee of the Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA) and 2 Ohio of Chamber Committees, He and his wife own a bed and breakfast in Dresden, Ohio called The Village Victorian Scrapbook Retreat. He has also been volunteering at his church, Newark Nazarene, for over 9 years, serving in the nursery. Ron enjoys collecting sports memorabilia like his signed jersey from hockey Hall of Fame recipient Gilbert Perreault. Even though he has been focusing recently on hockey memorabilia, his most prized find is an autographed Nick Saban football jersey.

Ron’s been married to his wife Yvonne for 31 years. They have two boys, Ryan and Tyler.



Timothy D. Neville

Tim Neville, the Regional Vice President for Northern Ohio has worked for Echoing Hills twice. His first time at Echoing Hills was during two summers prior to college. His brother encouraged him to work at Camp Echoing Hills as a counselor.

Then again in 2011, Tim had the opportunity to interview with Echoing Hills for the position of Director of Adult and Waiver Services in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Since then, Tim has not only served Echoing Hills and the individuals and families in that capacity, but also as Regional Director of NE Ohio – Echoing Lake Group Homes. In 2014, Buddy Busch, CEO / President, asked Tim to serve as Regional Vice President – Northern Ohio and oversee the operations of Echoing Lake Group Homes and Stark / Summit County services. It has truly been a blessing for Tim to be back and a part of the Ministry, Business, Organization where his calling all began over 25 years ago.

Tim’s compassion for individuals with disabilities grew out of a friendship back in kindergarten.  His best friend, Rick, had a learning disability, but Tim never realized this until later in life. During his two summers at Camp Echoing Hills, Tim realized that his calling in life was to serve individuals with disabilities. He purposefully went to college to major in Business Administration – Management so that he could learn how to manage and lead an organization that served individuals with disabilities and their families.

To know Tim better – Tim enjoys working out in the yard and mowing grass (it’s a stress reliever). He also plays piano. Tim enjoys spending time with family and is proud of his five nieces and two nephews, all of whom are adopted either internationally or nationally. Tim enjoys vacationing at historical spots throughout the U.S. and Canada, as long as they are near an amusement park. Tim attends Living Water Church in Dalton, Ohio. He also recently completed his Masters of Science in Business and Strategic Leadership from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York.

Rev. Donnis Meek

Rev. Donnis Meek, the IT/Outreach Coordinator started working for Echoing Hills in 1998. As an ordained minister with a small church, he had worked with some of the Echoing Hills residents before and was seeking additional opportunities to minister. He was working at Echoing Hills doing contract work for his father’s construction business when Rev. Cordell Brown approached him. Cordell was creating a Chaplain position and asked Donnis if he would be interested in coming to Echoing Hills. In October, when his construction work was done, Donnis came to Echoing Hills and has been here ever since.

While at Echoing Hills, Donnis has held many positions. He’s been a Chaplain, a Nursing Home Administrator, a Camp Administrator, Campus Maintenance Director, and finally the IT/Outreach Coordinator. He also works directly with our campus in Ghana and has had the opportunity to lead several short-term trips overseas.

When asked about his favorite part of his work, Donnis says that he enjoys making things better for people. This works well with both his Chaplain duties and his IT duties. If he can make something better for someone, whether it’s in their spiritual life or on their computers, he’s had a good day.

Donnis is very busy. He says he doesn’t collect much dust. If he’s not criss-crossing the state for his work with Echoing Hills, he can be found at his church, the Century 21 office where he also works, or at home.

Donnis will be celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife Jodie Lynn. He has two sons, Nathan and Caleb, one daughter, JaeLynn, and a granddaughter, Alexis. He also has a new puppy named Piper.

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