Central Ohio Adult Day Care Services

echoingCONNECTIONS in Central Ohio

echoingCONNECTIONS in Central Ohio offers adult day services in Warsaw, Ohio, with an array of growth opportunities including participation in community inclusive programs. Our individuals come from a diverse background with various levels of abilities as well as potential for learning and increased independence. Programs include:

  • Volunteering
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Exploration of Interests
  • Other Individual Opportunities

Consistent and engaging active treatment is provided daily. Staff is also is trained in special care for high needs individuals with nursing services provided, as needed.

Contact Us

Kassondra Dimit

36272 CR 79
Warsaw, OH 43844

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Photo Gallery

Check out our photo gallery to see how our residential opportunities provides people with special needs a safe, loving, and dignified home environment.

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